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Teacher effectiveness takes center stage in 2014
Nashwauk-Keewatin and Greenway teachers lead the way
Nashwauk-Keewatin and Greenway School Districts continue leading the efforts in teacher effectiveness training by implementing the Marzano Model of Effective Instruction. Teachers, supported by union leadership, have embarked on this exciting journey originally prompted by a Minnesota legislative mandate regarding implementing a teaching evaluation system required by the 2014-2015 school year. This mandate has provided the impetus in bringing teacher teams together around a professional growth model rather than strictly evaluation. Teachers and administration have partnered together in trainings facilitated by Learning Sciences International based out of St. Cloud, Minnesota, as well as through professional learning community time on Wednesday early-out days. Teachers and staff have done the real work, developing growth plans and building momentum that regularly brings teacher teams together across both school districts, and now regionally to dialogue about best practices. A huge thank you to all our teachers for their leadership throughout this initiative. Throughout this effort, the direct impact will be continuous improvement in teaching and learning that will directly benefit the students of Nashwauk-Keewatin and Greenway school districts, and the IASC region.


Welcome to the Nashwauk-Keewatin School District

The Nashwauk-Keewatin School District, a caring learning partnership of students, parents, staff, and community will empower all students through innovative and exemplary educational practices, with the knowledge, skills and critical thinking abilities to become contributing and responsible members of a global society. 

The school board and staff are committed to working continuously to effect positive changes in every aspect of the school system. Though many goals are long-term and challenging, they can come to fruition with the support and cooperation of friends of public education. 

Our goals for a more quality school system are as follows: 

  • Make decisions in the best interest of the children
  • Work to bring our school system to the high academic standards our children need
  • Modernize the curriculum to include the use of more diverse technology
  • Increase student achievement in all academics
  • Extend learning beyond the classrooms
  • Provide for a safe and orderly learning environment
  • Promote more parental and community involvement
  • Promote accountability






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